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Revised as per 11/08/2010

Daan Trailer, has a fully galvanised chassis. These trailers are sold with a COR ( Certificate of road worthiness' ) and a Jockey and Spare wheel. The axel is held in place with a 5 blade spring system. The trailer can carry op to 999Kg's.  The trailer is ideal for camping, garden refuge and just about any thing that you want to load.

R 8970.00


The Heavy Duty Trailer

This trailer was built specifically to carry one pallet of bricks at a time to my property. The trailer is in very good condition. It also has disk brakes.

The dimensions of the loading bed is 198cm x 122cm. There is plenty places to hook straps in to. Click on the picture to enlarge.

The trailers asking price is R 11,995.00